No budget for interior design? Short timeline to renovate? Sourcing finish materials from too many vendors?

We know how much time, cost and effort goes into each multi-family renovation and development project.  So we carefully curated TASORO Design Packages to allow our customers to save time and order interior finishes with ease.

Our designer kitchen and bath packages include clean, modern style elements, durable and good looking finishes and come ready to install by your labor team. Now you can easily create a deluxe living space designed to rent for more while costing you less.

Kitchen Design Packages

Kitchen Package A

A chef's kitchen with modern accessories and a designer feel.

Kitchen Package B

A clean and luxurious solution with a seamless look and feel.

Bathroom Design Packages

Bathroom Package A

A clean and contemporary vision for every bathroom in any space.

Bathroom Package B

A simple yet modern solution for a seamless and fluid look.

Don’t see everything you need here? TASORO can create a custom design plan for your project. Let’s get started on a plan to save you time and money.

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